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What is special about our sandwiches?

Our sandwiches are based on a Japanese Wanpaku sandwich. Wanpaku means cheeky or naughty and that is what our sandwiches are. The glorious stacks of colourful layers and varying textures from meat, cheese, eggs, and fresh vegetables, all tucked in the pillowy Japanese bread shokupan, tempting you to take a big bite. These have to be the best-looking sandwiches around.  

What's the deal with the Secret Sandwich Shop App?

Well, when you download our app, you can get your sando's delivered directly to you or sort out your click and collect. The App is the only place you you will receive points, which you can use to get our elite merch and delicious sando's. Download the App now and get £10 for £5. You're welcome :

Why are our sandwiches more expensive than Pret's?

Our sandwiches are so packed with the freshest ingredients that they could never compare to the humble English sandwich. These flavour bombs tower above any other sandwich and mean that you are really satisfied after chowing down. 

Do you have Gluten Free or vegetarian options?

A lot of our sandwiches are already vegetarian as we strongly believe that great sandwiches don't always have to include meat. We are looking into making a gluten free Japanese Shokupan or 'milk bread' and we will add it to our menu as soon as we do!

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver through our App and through Deliveroo. Your order can be made swiftly and delivered fresh to your door. 

Do you cater?

Yes we do. Colourful, fun and a serious talking piece, our sandwiches would make the perfect addition to your party or meeting. You can find out more here.

Someone told me you do Secret Sandwich parties, Is this true?

Ok, so keep it on the low, but yes, we do occasionally do private parties in our Notting Hill location. Why not contact us and we can let you know more about our secrets. 


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